An Update!


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An update!

On Sunday the 4th I met Lil BUB again!!! She seemed even more sweet and adorable this time. Her dude seemed more relaxed, too. Lastly her jaw growth seemed smaller, I hope that means the antibiotics are working! She made BUB noises in my ear and my head nearly exploded.

Since the BUB event was in Dayton, 3.5 hours from me, I decided to get a hotel room and drive down Saturday. I stayed at the same hotel as BUB, the Crowne Plaza Dayton, but didn’t see her or her dude. The hotel itself was very disappointing for many small reasons. One or two on their own wouldn’t have been bad, but all of them together left me feeling as though it wasn’t worth the $145 paid for one night (including taxes and $15 for valet parking.) The staff was super awesome, from the front desk, to valet to the maintenance guy, so it wasn’t their fault at all.

Among some of the issues with the room/hotel:
-Dusty lampshades and a gum package behind one of the nightstands
-The lotion toiletry was cleared used
-The floor lamp in the corner of the room was unplugged and didn’t even have a lightbulb
-The wallpaper in the bathroom was very poorly repaired
-The window heating/cooling had black-painted duct tape covering up the controls
-The other thermostats in the room didn’t seem to have any effect on the temperature in the room
-The guys in room 810 woke me up at 1:55A and I was awake until 4A, after the time change (I was awake 3 hours)
-The $17.50 (with tip) burger I ordered had no flavor and wasn’t cooked correctly (I ordered mid-rare and it was more medium-well.)
-I’m 99% sure valet dented the chrome piece running along the bottom of my driver-side rear window
So yeah, I won’t be staying at the Crowne Plaza Dayton ever again.

While in Dayton I visited the Packard Museum (Dayton,) Westcott House (Springfield) and the FLW Medical Building (Dayton.)

I also stopped at the Air Force Museum then realized I had less than an hour before hotel check-in, so I left.

And I’m spent.